Stylish, Component Based UI Kit

Baikal is a large set of stylish web UI components. The kit is designed to help you save time by facilitating the design or prototyping processes.


Many Components

There are plenty of UI elements to choose from including styles for e-commerce, blog/magazine, widgets, media, forms, navigation, headers, footers and base categories.

  • Name
  • Easy-to-Find Organization

    Every component is named and organized using a smart layer structure with groups and subgroups, making it easy for you to find and change layer styles.

  • Google Fonts

    Baikal UI Kit includes plenty of free typefaces from Google Fonts.

  • Name

How it Works

Baikal contains simple components that are made to fit interchangeably. Combine and customize elements or create new custom styles using the hundreds of options available. This kit makes it easy to rapidly prototype your next project.



  • Pixel Perfect

    High-quality components made using a grid so they fit together perfectly.

  • Vector Shapes

    Every element, icon and mask is made using shape layers. Size any element as large or as small as your project dictates.

  • Dark and Bright

    Each element looks great against light or dark backgrounds.


Also contained in the download, are three examples of web pages made using Baikal UI Kit elements.

Baikal UI Kit for $58

Works in Photoshop CS6+ & Sketch 3.3+


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